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Oracle Pink is a trusted spiritual therapy center serving clients for over 20 years, we focus on helping you find lasting solutions to life’s problems. 

If you want to learn about your future and what it holds, our spiritual healer is here for you. We guarantee beneficial, positive, life-transforming reading every time you get in touch with our life coach.

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  • Relationships
  • Generational Healing
  • Career Path Guidance


  • Family Problems
  • Religious Problems
  • Court Cases
  • Work

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  • Phone Readings
  • Tarot Reading
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Learn about your future and what it holds

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Why Choose Spiritual Healing?

At Oracle Pink, we offer customized services based on your unique needs. We want you to receive healing from emotional blocks, old patterns and more.

Over 20 Years of Experience

At Oracle Pink, we’ve helped many clients for the 20 years we’ve been in operation. We know what works in every situation and guarantee a complete, positive transformation.

Honest & Truthful Answers

At Oracle Pink, we believe in integrity. Our spiritual healer will provide truthful answers to your problem. We’ll help you to unlock what you thought was impossible without having to endure long waits.

Guaranteed Services

When you come to us for spiritual healing, we don’t just take chances. Our spiritual healer will help in transforming your life to be the best it has ever been.
Your health, work, family, and everything else that matters to you will take a positive turn.

Authentic, Affordable Spiritualist

We believe that everyone deserves the best spiritual healing services which is why we keep our prices low. You won’t find more affordable, authentic spiritual therapy services.

At Oracle Pink

We Focus on You

Thorough the spiritual reading, energy techniques, modalities, and more, you’ll experience unlimited spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

At Oracle Pink, we offer customized services based on your unique needs. We want you to receive healing from emotional blocks, old patterns and more.

Paula Dufresne

I had such a delightful time during my reading with Olivia. It was like having brunch with an old friend. Olivia “tells it like it is” and not what you want to hear, with kindness and compassion. She was spot on and we enjoyed a laugh here and there during our conversation. Give her a call, you will be amazed!


Alexandra Azevedo

Olivia Black has an amazing gift. I have had many readings, hers are by far the most accurate and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to gain insight with their spirit guides. I have seen her in person and over the phone, and she has affirmed a lot in my life as I was going through life changes. She saw things that I could only understand when they happened. Her time is well worth the price!


Robert Wright

My experience was totally awesome. This woman is amazing and she helped me immensely. I spoke with my past love that recently passed. Our conversation helped me so much. I needed this to heal. I would recommend Oracle Pink a million times and would definitely use again. Simply Amazing. Thank you again


Signs that You Need Spiritual Healing

Your health, work, family, and everything else that matters to you will take a positive turn.

You’ve tried other forms of therapy but nothing seems to work

Have you tried all means to change your situation and it seems you’ve hit a dead end? You’ve gone through issues that no one seems to have a solution? Well, Spiritual Healing has a perfect solution for you now. And since we’ve helped thousands of clients in the past, we guarantee fast, positive transformation.


You are going through unusual spiritual experiences and you fear that others may think you have a mental sickness

Though mental illness is real, there are times when you suffer from imbalances that could be mistaken for mental illness. When you talk to our spiritual healer, you’ll receive directions that will bring you into your complete healing.


You are unhappy and depressed and nothing seems to make things better

If you are unhappy and depressed and regardless of your efforts nothing is getting better, contact our spiritual healer. Our life coach has a solution that will keep you happy and contented long after your session.

Strange Sickness

Do you know that your illness could be as a result of a deeper spiritual problem? Well, now you know! At Oracle Pink, we offer solutions that will solve the deepest form of spiritual sickness.


If you’ve been having dreams that have been recurring again and again, contact our spiritual healer. We guarantee accurate interpretation and guidance so you can make your life better.

Other Issues

Our spiritual healer is at your service any time you need directions regarding life’s issues. Whether you are going through a divorce, rejection, pains, and more, we guarantee highly effective sessions with our spiritualist.

About Olivia

I am a natural born psychic, with the ability to read people’s energy and sense nearby spirits. I first realized my abilities in early childhood during a traumatic experience in a car accident. And while I’ve known about this for over 30 years now, my psychic abilities and predictions have only recently kicked in to high gear, becoming more focused and laser accurate, after I found my Twin Flame union with Christopher Lee Garces. He has helped me awaken the full potential of my spiritual path and has opened my eyes to see my true gifts in a whole new light. My abilities are not the fantasy powers of Marvel movies, but are indeed proven real. My clients have witnessed and can attest that I am an Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, & Clairalient Psychic Medium. While I don’t need Tarot Cards to use my abilities, they are useful for rounding out an in-depth reading. Also, I find that clients enjoy the visual ritual of a Tarot spread, especially when I use my vintage deck, handed down to me, over 26 years ago.

Being a Medium means sensing the energy of pets, past or present, as well as former and current humans, and identifying which category the humans land in, Love partner, Soul Mate, or Twin Flame. My empathic ability allows me to pinpoint a subject’s true feelings and motivations, which is a perfect fit for relationship counseling, as well as, helping guide business professionals through important career decisions, changes and improvements. I give them insight on what to watch out for and am quite descriptive and detailed. No vague fortune cookies here. My Clairvoyance answers your questions regarding Past, Present or Future, pertaining to Relationships, Career, Health, Children, and Family – really anything going on in your life. Using Clairaudience – hearing my clients voice – greatly enhances my ability to fully communicate with their passed loved ones and spirit guides – even departed pets. Compare it to the jump from a 2D drawing to a 3D movie! My readings are very specific and I often see objects and details about loved ones, such as hair color, clothing style and demeanor, even catching the scent of their favorite Perfume, Cigars, & Cigarettes – using the ability of Clairalience – which can not be controlled or initiated. Receiving a reading like this is rare and wonderful!

My Clients often say that I am very nurturing and understanding, and speak with a soothing tone. As stated in reviews, I “ talked to them like I knew them their whole lives.” I’ve been told my reading style is comforting, caring, and informative, but I never sugarcoat it!

I love to give real answers from your spirit guides and past loves ones. My biggest hope is that my observations and psychic predictions will allow closure and create peace and happiness in the greatest part of your life: your soul’s journey.


Chicago, Illinois